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Feb 20

Outmaneuvering Presidents and Politics

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Today is President’s Day, usually one of my favorite days. It’s a paid holiday from work. And I don’t have to buy any gifts. Win-win.

Except during election year when the political panderers come out to play. (Yes, I know that’s a horrible alliteration. What can I say? I’m feeling alliterative.)

Surveys from Washington, polling calls, and worst of all, those friggin’ robo calls. You know the ones, those pre-recorded “personal messages” from various candidates? Makes my blood boil.

The worst part is that once we’re out of the primaries and into the real election, it’s going to start all over again.

This year, I’m making a list of every political call I get. Once Election Day rolls around, I’m going to sit down and total the number of calls, and then vote for the candidate who bothered me the least. (I even changed my outgoing voice mail message to say so.)

I am not a political animal. I don’t care about platforms or promises, and I believe that most politicians are sociopaths and con artists.

(I’m also feeling bitter.)

I work hard. When I get home, I want to write, read, or veg out in front of the TV. What I don’t want to do is field half a dozen calls a night for causes I don’t care about from people I don’t know.

So, if you’re sick of hounding political phone calls, join my movement to end them. We’ll be ready for our first recruits soon.

Just as soon I as figure out how this damned robo call software works.

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