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Aug 19

It Always Hurts the First Time

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Let me be clear: I hate trying new things. My motto is that not only is change bad, but it’s also annoying, time-consuming, and usually painful. That being said, I’ve decided to dive headlong into the blogosphere. Why, you ask? Because along with being inflexible, I’m also a dyed-in-the-wool introvert. If I had been born in the right century, I would have been a professional hermit. (Ah, if only.) My friend, Ian, told me that I had to be the world’s youngest curmudgeon. Which sounded pretty cool until I actually looked “curmudgeon” up in the dictionary. (Not cool, Ian.)  It’s not that I don’t like people, you understand. I’m just not very good with them. Most of my personal interactions end in tears and recriminations.

Which brings me to my chosen profession, writing. Could there be a more perfect way for me to earn a living? I get to sit at my comfy desk, surrounded by my beloved books, and immerse myself in a world of my own devising. A place of magic and adventure and (occasionally) chainsaw wielding killer clowns. Truly the art of writing is meant for me.

Now all I have to do is write something that people will want to read. Easy Pease-y. Right? Wrong.

Writing is HARD.  And so, I’ve decided to start a blog. Hopefully, it will help me polish both my writing and socializing skills.  And maybe make a few new friends on the way.

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