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Jan 02

Stories from My Grandfather—Origin of the Ants

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Long ago, when the world began, Hashtali—The Great Spirit—fashioned people and grasshoppers from the same yellow clay.

They woke in a deep underground cavern and walked to the surface through a long tunnel, emerging from the passage together. But the people were so much bigger than the grasshoppers, that they could not see the insects in the dark and trampled many of them, including the Great Mother Grasshopper.

Fearing they would be wiped out, the grasshoppers called out to Hashtali for help. The Great Spirit—who hears the cries of all living things—took pity on the little ones. He made the tunnel much smaller and turned the remaining people into ants so that they could no longer trample the grasshoppers.

The ants you see today are the descendants of those people. Don’t step on them!

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