Jacqui TalbotBorn on a Choctaw Indian reservation in Mississippi, Jacqui was whisked away at age nine to live with her father, who taught her to speak English by reading Terry Pratchett novels.

Growing up, she translated her love of hitting things – her favorite childhood toy was a hammer – into a black belt in taekwondo, which has served her well on numerous occasions.

To quote her loving father: “With a mouth like yours, you should probably learn self-defense.”

Sarcasm and possible psychopathy aside, Jacqui has done everything from wrestling alligators to modeling, but eventually found a way to make a living pursuing her two greatest passions: writing and chemistry.

In addition to Choctaw and English, Jacqui is fluent in German, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. She stands 6’2” and is still the shortest person in her family. She was lucky enough to grow up in a multicultural household full of love, laughter, arguments and several unfortunate chemistry mishaps for which she takes absolutely no responsibility.

Jacqui lives in New England and is currently hard at work on her debut novel, “Wildling.”

To find out more about Jacqui, follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog. You can also find her on GoodReads and Facebook, or send her an e-mail at jt@jacquitalbot.com.

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