Aug 09

What Lies Beneath

WHAT’S PLAYING: Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”


If you could peer beneath my skin….


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  1. Mari Mitchell

    What a great tattoo.

    1. JacquiTalbot

      Isn’t it beautiful? I’m seriously considering getting one for myself.

      1. Mari Mitchell

        I love tattoos, but I doubt I will ever get one. I think about it. I think this one is cool. I have a thing for Alice in Wonderland, and I think the girl reaching for the books, and higher knowledge, is Alice. Plus books going up the spine (book spine) you are what you read, I would like know the titles of the books. And there is this thing, house, book, floating. What the heck is it?

        1. JacquiTalbot

          I have ten tattoos and plan on getting a few more. I think the floating thing is a book taking flight. You have a good eye! 🙂

          1. Mari Mitchell

            I think it is a book flying too. At least I like the idea of that very much.
            Wow 10. What are some of them and why did you get them?

          2. JacquiTalbot

            I have an unfinished book on my left wrist and a Choctaw tribal shield on my right shoulder blade. Most of them came after I learned a life lesson I didn’t want to forget…

  2. Jill Archer

    Hi Jacqui, stopped by to say hi and see what you’re up to. Love your website redesign. Hope you’re doing well.

    1. JacquiTalbot

      Hi Jill,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m doing well–writing, working, and looking to the future. Great to hear from you.

    2. Mari Mitchell

      What are you writing about?

      1. JacquiTalbot

        I just started work on a middle grade fantasy about a girl who uses chemistry and physics to combat magic, mercenaries, and an ancient Assyrian sorceress. Sort of like a young, female MacGyver with a talking cat as a sidekick.

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