Aug 08

Stuff I Learned the Hard Way – My Flirting Could Use Some Work

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Last week, a friend of mine insisted I go bar-hopping with her. It didn’t take much effort since I’m always up for a cocktail.



When I was busy guzzling my third margarita, two very attractive men approached us and started chatting. Things were going fairly well, until we got on the subject of happy places.

I said my favorite place to be was in bed. One of the guys asked if I took anything to bed with me.

My answer? “A teddy bear and a switch blade.”


I don’t think he’s going to call.

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  1. Earnest Harris

    That is hilarious!

    1. JacquiTalbot

      I thought so. My friend…not so much.

  2. Melinda VanLone

    LOL well if he doesn’t call, he’s too wimpy! I love that answer!

    1. JacquiTalbot

      I have no use for a man who can’t appreciate a decent weapon when he sees one.

  3. island traveler

    Right answer! A lot of men think they can always get what they want. I think the best ones are the ones you have to work harder. If a person really wants something or someone, he/she will take the challenge. Have a great day.

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