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The Versatile Blogger Award

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The lovely and talented Serena Williams nominated yours truly for the Versatile Blogger Award!



Check out her blog at S.Z. Wordsmith to see some kickass art and make sure you pick up her new graphic novel Beatrice is Dead, coming soon.

The Rules: I have to write seven things about myself and nominate fifteen other blogs.


Seven Things about Me

1. I have three older half-siblings and eighteen nieces and nephews.


2. I’m allergic to seafood.


3. I didn’t walk until I was three years old.


4. When I was a child, my favorite toy was a hammer. Now, it’s a katana. (Don’t judge me.)




5. I like to group and eat my Skittles in ascending numerical order (one, then two, etc.). I usually get to about ten or eleven. If there are any left over, I throw them away.


6. I’m terrified of zombies, clowns and heights…in that order.




7. I know all the lyrics to La Bamba. (Again, don’t judge me.)


Fifteen Blogs I Nominate (in no particular order)

(P.S. I didn’t bother to check if the following have already been nominated because I’m lazy)


Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars


Cherrylog Road




Authors Block


Melinda VanLone


SJ Driscoll


In My Opinion


Janice Heck


Jill Archer


Word Flows


No More Race


Life in the Dash Lane


This Man’s Journey


The Literary Man


Holly Michael’s Writing Straight


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  1. Bridie

    Congrats Jacqui! I am so glad that people are noticing your blog. It is always fun to read and oddly motivating! Good luck on your continued blogging!

    1. JacquiTalbot

      Thanks Bridie! I’m glad you enjoy it.

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