Jan 09


“Liar? Yes. Thief? Sure. Murderer? Maybe. But a hero? Definitely not. If you can’t stab it, steal it, or spend it, I’m not interested.”

Being a wildling has its advantages: perpetual youth, enhanced strength, and accelerated healing. Unfortunately for Mia Twinblades, it also comes with side effects like hallucinations, uncontrollable magic, and incipient madness, which may just lead to an explosive death.

When she stumbles upon a murder and kidnapping in progress, Mia soon finds herself caught in a web of political intrigue and slavery. Magically gifted children are disappearing from the streets of Iliana, and demons are being ripped from the Abyss against their will. Forced into a deal with a demonic auditor, she has seven days to stop the abductions or spend eternity in the Abyss. Having a newly orphaned kid underfoot is bad enough, but things really get complicated when Mia discovers that the boy she has sworn to protect is at the center of the conspiracy. Keeping him safe will be harder than she thought; there’s a gorgeous new wildling in town and he wants the boy…and Mia.

It’s going to be a busy week.

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