Jan 10

Stuff I Learned the Hard Way: “Assassin” is NOT a Socially Acceptable Career Choice

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Lesson #5: If a representative from the State Board of Education asks you what you want to be when you grow up, DO NOT say assassin.

I was five for goodness sake! Still, I had to talk to a couple of mental health professionals before they would let me back in school.

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  1. SJ Driscoll

    You would’ve been my kind of playmate! ROFL.

    1. justjacqui2

      LOL. You would have been the only one. After that, all the other kids avoided me for some reason…

  2. Janice Heck

    Good one, Jacqui.

    1. justjacqui2

      Thanks, Janice. I just wish I could tell childhood stories that didn’t make me sound like a potential psychotic/mad scientist/complete idiot.

  3. Joe Iriarte

    Awesome! I don’t think my wife has learned this *yet*, so she writes about assassins instead.

    1. justjacqui2

      Writing about assassins is probably safer than announcing to your entire kindergarten class that you actually wanted to be one. I thought my teacher was going to have a stroke.

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