Dec 09

Website Coming Soon

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Holy sh*t! I have a website!

Well, not really. Not yet. But it should be up and running by the first of the year. It feels strange, topsy-turvy. I haven’t even published (or finished) my book yet, and here I am already setting up an author website and Facebook page. Is it just me, or does all of this seem a little backward?

Turns out, it isn’t. I’ve talked to half a dozen authors, agents, editors and marketing execs, and they all agree that the best time to start building a platform is now. I don’t really like the term “platform”. It makes me feel as though potential readers are little more than a surface on which I’m supposed to build my career. That doesn’t sound…well, right. I’m not trying to sell anybody anything. (I don’t have anything to sell.)

I’m doing this to connect with potential readers and people in general. I have to admit that it’s a little odd though. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding people, closeted in my room safe from the minefields of social interaction and the subsequent humiliation that comes with it, that actually trying to attract other people’s attention is like trying to speak Russian while walking a tightrope suspended over Niagara Falls.

Let’s jut say it usually doesn’t end well.

To be brutally honest, I suck at it. I joined both Twitter and Facebook, but have yet to post on either site. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that I can’t imagine that anyone would want to hear it. My friend, M, has graciously agreed to help me set up an online profile, but I keep chickening out. Every time she starts explaining the various ways to manipulate social media, I suddenly turn into a moron. It’s not that I’m not interested or that she’s a bad teacher, it’s just that when it comes to certain things, my brain shuts down.

I usually wind up feeling the need to assure her that I really am smart. (I am. Really. I swear.)

And that brings us to the website. What the hell am I going to do with it? To that end, I’ve signed up for a Social Media 101 course. Don’t laugh. Some you probably don’t know much about nuclear chemistry.

So there.

Some cool links for you:


Fearless honesty and haunting poetry. This young woman’s journey is not for the faint of heart, but the fact that she’s still trying to move forward makes her an inspiration.


This is for anyone who has a story they want to share, fiction or nonfiction. Send them a story, long or short, or even a picture, and they will post it for the world to see. (Disclaimer: despite the title, they don’t really post stories every day, but it’s still a cool place to drop by.)


John Shirley’s blog. Full of current and relevant observations and strong opinions on such. Warning: you may come away smarter or at least, more aware than you were before.

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  1. Bridie

    The trick is not to stess about it. Just write/do what you like. Don’t worry about people’s reaction just yet, but look at their reaction as a way to build a stronger internet you. Maybe posting a favorite author’s quote every day to let them into a small of your heart. Either way just be you!

    1. justjacqui2

      Thanks Bridie, but telling me not to stress is like telling a hog not to wallow. You are right though. For now, I just trying to concentrate on improving my writing and sharing a bit of myself in each blog post. I’m hoping the rest will follow naturally.

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