Nov 22

Guilty Pleasures: “Revenge” on ABC

WHAT’S PLAYING: Queen “Princes of the Universe

Time is one of our most precious commodities. Next to friends and family, time is probably the most valuable thing we have. Think about it. You can always earn more money, but once your time has run out, you’re done. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, your time on this earth is over.

That’s why I feel it’s important to use your time wisely. Spend your days doing things that bring you happiness, make you a better person, or move you toward the life you desire… or better yet, all three.

So, you can see why I usually have a list of “shoulds” constantly revolving through my head. If I’m not at work, I should be writing. If I’m not writing, I should be studying. If I’m not studying, I should be cleaning, shopping, exercising…. You get the picture.

But, now and then, I like to kick back and play a game, read a book, or watch a movie or TV show. The catch is that the show, movie, book, etc. has to be worth the time. Otherwise, I feel as though I’m wasting that most precious of commodities.

Recently, I came across one such television show and it has occupied a permanent spot on my DVR ever since. The name of the show is “Revenge.” It airs on ABC, Wednesday nights at 10PM Eastern.

A reimagining of “The Count of Monte Cristo” for the new millennium, “Revenge” is the tale of Emily Thorne (formerly Amanda Clarke) whose father was falsely accused and convicted of treason for participation in a 9/11-esque act of terror. On her 18th birthday, Emily is released from a juvenile detention center to find that not only is she a billionaire, but that her father was innocent all along. Armed with massive amounts of money and ice-cold hatred, she sets out to avenge herself on the people responsible for her father’s downfall.

Lies, Deceit and Betrayal, oh my! Now that’s what I call a guilty pleasure.

Set in the ultra-glamorous world of The Hamptons, “Revenge” offers enough twists and turns to keep even the most jaded viewer coming back for more. Emily VanCamp is by turns sexy/sweet and coldly manipulative as Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke, and Madeline Stowe in her role as the undisputed Queen of The Hamptons, Victoria Grayson, is the epitome of grace and elegance even while Emily dismantles her perfect little kingdom piece by piece.

The two women head up an impressive cast, which includes Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson,Victoria’s husband, and Gabriel Mann as Emily’s rich and equally manipulative ally Nolan Ross.

So, to sum up: a talented cast, fantastic premise and awesome writing. Watch it!

What about you? What are some of your guilty pleasures?

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