Aug 24

You’re a WHAT?!

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A few people have called me out on the concept of my blog.

“You’re not a real hermit,” the said. “You work, mix with people, and buy your food at the grocery store just like everyone else.” This last statement is usually accompanied by a triumphant look at catching me in a “lie”.

Well, just to clear things up. No, I don’t eschew all human contact, grow my own food, or get my milk from goats. (Two reasons: 1. I’m just as bad with animals as I am with people and 2. ew.)

I have a job as a nuclear chemist, which requires me to leave the house. I go shopping when the need arises.  I even have a few friends scattered around the globe. But, the fact remains that I am happiest when I’m alone. I love working the night shift. It’s just me in the lab, rocking out to whatever happens to be playing on my iPod.

I run into the same problem when I tell people that I’m a writer. This is usually what follows:

Them: “Oh, that’s fascinating. Have I heard of you?”

Me: (Blank look.) “Probably not.”

Them: “What have you written? Have you published anything?”

Me:  “Nope. I’m working on my first novel.”

Them: “Oh. So, you’re not a real writer.”

Me: (Gives them a long, thoughtful look.)

Them: “I mean, you haven’t been published or anything. It’s just a hobby, right?”

Me: (Still looking.)

Them: “Um, I have to go now.”

Me: “Good idea.”

It is my firm belief that getting published does not make you a writer. It makes you published, which is (so I’ve heard) a fantastic and satisfying experience.

Writing makes you a writer. If you’re anything like me and can’t make it through a day without scribbling ideas in your notebook; or if you rush to your computer the moment you get home from work or the minute you get out of bed; or if you get so lost in the world you’ve created that you forget to eat; then you, my friend, are a writer. 

Does this mean that you’re a good writer? No. That’s more a matter of being patient and persistent enough to learn the craft. Can’t help you there. I’m still learning myself.

But for now, it’s enough to know that I am a writer. Everyday, I get to create and explore new worlds. What’s better than that?

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  1. Lincoln

    Now see, that’s just wrong. People say the same about me (I also get arrogant – that’s just supreme self assurance) and I am not a hermit.

    I am a Loner. And proud of it.

    There is a fascinating book out there you need to read. It is my bible. Party of One: The Loner’s Manifesto by Anneli Rufus. Reead it!

    It explains me so much!

    1. justjacqui2

      Thanks Lincoln,

      I’ll pick up a copy today. I’ve always admired your confidence.

      I’ve never been called arrogant. Mostly, I just get “weird”, but I prefer to think of myself as quirky.

  2. Laura

    Amen! (To the writer stuff, not the hermit stuff. We’re going to have to work on that.)

    1. justjacqui2

      I think everyone should try being a hermit for a little while. You’d be amazed how much clarity it brings.

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